My name is Kyle van den Boom
Welcome to my portfolio
My Qualities

My Experience

My Projects

My Qualities

These are my strong qualities


I am very flexible in the work that I am doing. I can switch from one project to another without a problem.


It is important for a everyone in a team to feel good!


I don't give up easilly.


I am very quick with learning new technologies

and I can deliver working features rather quickly.

My Experience

Here you can find my experience with different programs.


I currently have 5 years of experience in Unity. I also worked with a huge set of different assets before. 


In every team project I did, I used git for version control


All team and many solo projects where done by using the Agile work method. I have worked with Jira and Trello before and know my way around SCRUM.


I have 5 years of experience coding with C# inside Unity.


I have a year of experience coding with C inside the Arduino IDE. I have worked with the Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA2650 and the ESP32.


I have made several ESP projects where bluetooth data will get sended to Unity and from Unity will be send back to the ESP.

Professional Projects

Here you can find projects I made as an employee. (excluding projects that are under NDA):

AR City Quest

An interactive Augmented Reality tour through all the demos Accenture has to offer.

(Internship - Accenture)

Personal Projects

Here you can find some projects that I made in my spare time:

Tip Of The Tongue

A casual music puzzle game where you collect notes to progress further.

(Gamejam - Global Game Jam NL 2021)

Tempus Guardian

A dungeon crawler where the rooms move around in a clock.

(Gamejam -Ludum Dare 47)

Souls Reflection

A puzzle dungeon crawler where you have to switch bodies to progress.

(Gamejam - GMTK 2021)

Waypoint Editor Tool

A tool I made to easily give a path to an entity

AR Duel Disk Controller

Making a working duel disk using Arduino, ESP, Unity, Bluetooth and RFID (WIP)

School Projects

Here are some projects that I made on school:


Point-and-click Adventure


Battle Arena

Coding my own special move


A school game jam



A Xbox minigame designed for a boardgame

Ominous Obstacles

Couch party game

Monster Massacre

Topdown 3D shooter


A bit about myself

  • Myself

    My name is Kyle and I am 22 years old! In my spare time I like to experiment with new game ideas I have. I also am one of the leaders of a childrens scouting group (7 to 12). I help the children develop themselfs and I also organize activities for them.

  • Contact

    E-mail :

    I read my e-mail once a day.

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